Content You Can Trust

aHub is a flexible cloud-based platform, for bringing together all your product information, images and collateral, ready to be enriched and shared with the right market, sales channel or platform, swiftly and easily.

Collaborative And Concise

aHub helps product and marketing teams collaborate in product planning and range merchandising, bringing competitive advantage throughout the B2B sales process or whenever accurate, consistent product information is needed.

Content You Can Trust

aHub – a flexible, cloud-based platform, bringing together all your product content to enrich and then deliver it to the right market, sales channel or platform, swiftly and easily.


aHub flexes to the shape of your data, rather than constraining it with rigid templates. You choose the scope of data and digital assets to include, getting you on-board swiftly.  This flexible structure easily handles a wide range of products with differing attributes.

  • Easily manage channels by tailoring seasonal, regional or other attributes, while core data stays unchanged

  • Intelligently fill information gaps with attribute chaining for quick, consistent data completion

  • Streamline SKU level data with multi-dimensional product sizing grids handling any number of attributes


Product information doesn’t always come together in linear fashion – different teams contribute along the way until the core data is enriched, ready for external distribution. Boost productivity and efficiency as teams work simultaneously on their own content, either online in aHub or offline in Excel with our easy download/upload feature.

  • Focus only on the data you want to edit, confident that conflict checking will prevent any overwrites

  • See changes reflected in real time to be certain that data integrity is maintained

  • Faster enrichment with clever matching of assets to product, based on your naming conventions

Publish & share

Well-structured, enriched, accurate product information is just the first step. It’s not enough to send a bulk export of all data – with aHub you select the right product content for each audience. Distributing that content across multiple channels is simple and quick via a global content delivery network.

  • Deliver meaningful content using powerful mapping options

  • Use rules to quickly identify products and attributes to create channel-specific content

  • Categorise and sort your products differently in each data set for full flexibility

  • Satisfy different channels by exporting the same data set in different formats

  • Publish to the aWorkbook e-catalogue, sales presentation and order taking app

Why aHub?

Data often evolves in legacy systems and spreadsheets over time, with little consistency in format or a lack of data integrity.  This challenges businesses when accurate, enriched product information needs to be distributed fast.  Demand is for complete, consistent, reliable product data that everyone can trust, both inside and outside your organisation. aHub brings together your product data with optimised images, video and marketing collateral, then makes it work hard using our powerful content delivery system.

aHub grows with you

Centralisating and enriching product information revolutionises the way in which it can be used in an organisation. Once aHub is in place, the benefits may quickly extend to other areas of the business. aHub is fully API driven – ready to connect with other systems, now or in the future.

Choose aHub to:

  • Gain competitive advantage with consistent, accurate product information across all connected channels

  • Stop time-sapping data inconsistencies, errors or duplications

  • Deliver the right products with relevant attributes for each audience

  • Give buyers’ confidence in their purchasing decisions

How we work together

Hark builds truly flexible B2B software because our starting point is always the problems our customers experience.  We partner with you throughout the process.  We are responsive, engaged and committed, always delivering strong customer support and attention to detail.

Businesses tolerate inconsistent product information because of the time it takes to put right, involving different systems and teams across an organisation. We offer Data Services to take away the pain, giving you maximum benefit from aHub.

First time around, we populate the aHub with all your product information and imagery (our ‘Data Services’). Going forward, we train you to maintain the data and publish updates to other channels (‘customer managed’) or we continue to manage the updates for you (‘hark managed’).

Choose Hark, because we will:

  • Understand your product data, however and wherever it is held

  • Configure the aHub so that you get the best results

  • Populate your data to get you on-board swiftly

  • Support you right from the initial set up, season after season

Our expertise and experience

We are experts in structuring data coming from different systems, building in flexibility to meet your evolving business needs. Our customers value the quality of our data conditioning; we challenge anomalies, we tell you when your data doesn’t make sense or is just plain wrong. We solve the problem of inconsistent, inaccurate, sparse product data, leaving you to maximise its benefits for your business.

Designed and built in the UK by the people behind aWorkbook, we are a close-knit team with honest values who are dedicated to building both great software and brilliant customer relationships. aHub draws on our 15 years’ experience working with product data from global brands and is backed by our in-house Data Services team, primed to help overcome your data challenges. aHub is fully integrated with our aWorkbook e-catalogue and order taking app.

“Speedo has been working with Hark Solutions now for two years and it has been a great journey. Their availability, support and flexibility has really been key to a great professional relationship“

SpeedoSabine Chassagne, Speedo

Is aHub right for your business?

Innovators and early adopters:

Your organisation may be innovative, quick to adopt new technologies and have a digital ecosystem including a DAM and a PLM. But does your data come together to work hard for you? Is it structured to deliver channel right assortments seamlessly across multiple channels? Would e-catalogues tailored to each of your customer groups help you differentiate your offer from your competitors? aHub’s bolt-on app, aWorkbook, delivers digital catalogues globally for many brands.

Early Majority:

You have a B2B in place, but your product information is fragmented, stored in multiple locations, with little visibility across the ranges.  You serve multiple channels with product data, but it can be incomplete and hard to gather in a timely way. aHub enables you to centralise and enrich your product information, to share it across the business, to edit once and connect to your downstream channels, confident that you are delivering accurate, consistent data to better serve your customers.

Late majority:

Maybe your organisation has been prioritising other key businesses issues and is slow to move towards effective management of product information. Data may be held in silos across legacy systems that cannot communicate with each other. Or in spreadsheets that regularly get out of sync. You struggle to support your sales channels with vital product data that underpins business growth. aHub’s non-prescriptive data structure is built to address the challenge of collating data and images in different formats. aHub flexes to work with what you have already, without rework by you.

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